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The Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University obtained German KTQ medical certification

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2019/01/16 11:37
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"Twelve days ago, we were nervous when we entered the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University, but after the first day of assessment, our expert group found out that the hospital was well prepared".

"Each of the three judgers of our expert group has participated in more than 170 KTQ reviews, and the jurors have participated in more than 400 reviews, but this trip to Hangzhou is the most memorable and unforgettable."

"After 11 days of discussions, our expert group believes that the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University fully complies with the KTQ standard concept, and we agreed to make recommendations to the KTQ International for the issuance of certificate to the hospital."

On November, 27th, after more than one year's preparation and more than ten days on-the-spot assessment, the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University finally passed the quality certification of the German Medical Transparency Management System and Standards Committee (KTQ). It became the first comprehensive hospital in Hangzhou (even in the East of China) to pass the KTQ certification. The management and service mode of the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University has taken a solid and powerful step towards building an international first-class hospital.


Over the past year, the whole hospital has felt that the introduction of german hospital standards is 'impossible', everyone in the hospital has paid a lot from being meticulously prepared and to highly recognized by the expert group, but it also gained unprecedented results.said the President Luo Hong.

"From knowing nothing about KTQ to master KTQ standards, everyone is consciously discovering problems, learning from each other and making improvements every day. I have never seen such a unity in work for 26 years."Jiang Qunlian, the Head Nurse of Neurosurgery Department, sensitively expressed her feelings.

"During KTQ evaluation process, we have learned how to constantly improve the management level. Firstly, we must always make a plan, then work hard to implement it and find out shortcomings in the implementation, and finally to observe the ways for improvements." Lu Xiaodong, director of the Department of Neurology, said that, in the case of the stroke patients rescue: a series of rescue procedures have been developed at the national level, requiring an average of 60 minutes from the time the patient is admitted to the hospital to intravenous thrombolysis. There are some gaps, but now the average time is shortened by 5 minutes, after repeated search and improvement. It means more hope and better prognosis for patients.


The KTQ standard consists of six dimensions. The first ispatient-centered. This is the first pediatric connection to be accepted by the German expert group. The pediatrics department of the Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated Hospital is on the 16th floor of the inpatient building. When the elevator door is opened, it is a huge cartoon wall. "Children are usually afraid of the white coats, hospitalization is more anxious for them." Creating a relaxing environment can help them relax and comfortably cooperate with the treatment.Zhu Yafei, Director of the Pediatrics Department, said , in addition to this wall, they have already replaced the cartoon curtains, and soon cartoon sheets and quilt cover, to  meet children's psychological needs.

After entering the autumn, the pediatric department sees a peak of visits, with patients waiting in line for hospitalization almost every day. However, from the perspective of medical quality and safety, the hospital did not have an extra bed, but accelerated the bed turnover by continuously improving its management to meet the needs of patients.

They also opened up a children's activity area where children can play and make friends. The evaluation experts said it is very worth learning. At the same time, they also suggested that the needs of school-age children could be considered in the future, and some volunteers could be recruited to provide hospitalized school-age children with academic guidance and interest courses. The atmosphere would be better. Throughout the KTQ assessment, The Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University has made significant changes, but does it mean that the hospital has reached the quality of German hospitals? President Luo Hong said: "Not yet! The assessment shows the hospital's ability to deepen employee awareness and improve medical quality management PDCA. It has reached German KTQ medical certification criteria and this is only a starting point, requiring us to use PDCA as a tool for permanent improvements to approach German medical quality.


Leadership message:

Establish international standards for a general medical quality management model in the medical association / medical community.

We dared to break the ties, made an all-out effort for the world-recognition of KTQ standards for the hospital services and hospital management, but the significance is far from as simple as obtaining a certificate from a hospital.

President Luo Hong believes that the biggest advantage and characteristic of KTQ certification is that it can provide certification services for various forms of medical institutions such as hospitals, specialist clinics, nursing institutions and first aid institutions. This is the current comprehensive medical promotion of the Chinese medical reform. The county medical community provides a management model with very innovative characteristics, which integrates several levels of medical institutions, and collaboratively explores and establishes a permanent improvement and evaluation system for unified medical quality and hospital practice.


The Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University and the Health and Family Planning Bureau in Gongshu District have taken the lead in taking a key step. At the summing-up meeting, three members of the medical association of Hangzhou Normal University, Gongchen bridge Street Community Health Service Center, Daguan Shangtang Street Community Health Service Center, Taoyuan Community Health Service Center etc., have signed a cooperation memorandum with KTQ , the KTQ certification program in the medical association has officially started to continuously improve the quality and make the service more high-quality.

Therefore, Liu Xingong, director of the Health and Family Planning Bureau in Gongshu District, is full of confidence and expectation. He hopes that the staff of the three community health service centers will improve their learning ability, management ability and execution ability through the following certification , to meet the needs of residents in the area for medical services, and explore a set of KTQ standards for community hospitals, which can be promoted throughout the city and the country in the future.


There are 7 hospitals in the country have passed the KTQ certification

The KTQ certification standards focus on patient-centered, take PDCA as a basic model, covering six major areas:

1.        patient-centered

2.        employee-oriented

3.        security and risk management

4.        information and communication

5.        leadership

6.        quality Management

 Total of 19 sub-categories, 55 specific standards, with a score of 990.

In December 2017, the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University  officially launched the KTQ quality certification project. The purpose is to make the medical level of the hospital international, to provide more appropriate, humane, harmless and comfortable medical services for each patient, and to create a fairer and more democratic system. The comfortable and safe working environment marks the important step of the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University to follow the development strategy.