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Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Zhou Jiangyong met with Professor Dietel and his delegation

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2019/01/17 09:47
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On January 9, Zhou Jiangyong, member of standing committee of Zhejiang, secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, met with the president of German-Sino Healthcare Group, member of the National Academy of Science Germany,  Manfred Dietel, and the delegation. Zhang Zhongcan, vice secretary of Hangzhou municipal party committe, secretary of politics and law committee; Xuming, member of standing committee of Hangzhou, secretary general; Mao Xihao, member of standing committe of Hangzhou, minister of organization attended the meeting and the meeting was also accompanied by Xu Youzhong, chairman of the board of Youcheng Holding Group.  

Zhou Jiangyong said that Hangzhou is accelerating the construction of a world-class business environment. The high-quality projects in the fields of biomedicine and other fields are highly compatible with the future development direction of Hangzhou. Choosing Hangzhou will surely win the future.

It is hoped that the German-Sino Healthcare Group will continue to promote more projects, technologies and talents who will lead the way in scientific and technological innovation, help with the industrial transformation and benefit the people.

Manfred Dietel emphasized that the smooth progress of related projects of the German-Sino Healthcare Group in Hangzhou is inseparable from the strong support of the governments at all levels in Hangzhou. The German-Sino Healthcare Group will continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with its partner Zhejiang Youcheng Group in the fields of molecular pathology laboratory, KTQ medical certification, biomedicine, etc., promote the organic integration of medical industry and information industry, and enhance the level of urban internationalization in Hangzhou

The member of the delegation, Dr. Albrecht Läufer, CEO introduced the bio-based new material laboratory and the downstream industrialization promotion in Gongshu District.