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German-Sino Healthcare Group and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University signed a cooperation framework agreement

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2019/05/20 14:37
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On the morning of April 12, the signing ceremony of the cooperation framework agreement between Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and its second  affiliated hospital and the German-Sino Healthcare Group was held in the sixth meeting room of the university. Markus Fehr, vice chairman of German-Sino Healthcare Group, Zhang Xiaoping, chief representative of German-Sino Healthcare Group for china, Cai Di, executive vice president of Zhejiang Youcheng Holding Group, Sun Qiuhua, party secretary of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Fang Jianqiao, principal of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Chen Weijian, party secretary of the second affiliated hospital, Lv Bodong, president of the hospital and other leaders attended the ceremony. Vice President Fehr, Principal Fang Jianqiao and President Lv Bodong signed the cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the three parties.

According to the national "the Belt and Road Initiatives"、 "Healthy China" strategy and the development requirements of health undertakings in Zhejiang province, in order to comply with the new situation of medical science and technology development, introduce advanced medical diagnosis、treatment and rehabilitation technology and modern hospital management model in Germany, promote internationalization of TCM, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and its second  affiliated hospital and the German-Sino Healthcare Group have been adhering to the tenet of honesty, complementary advantages and healthy services,  and reached deep consensus of cooperation in scientific research teaching and academic exchanges, hospital construction and management technology and other aspects.

At the signing ceremony, vice chairman Fehr said that a month ago, he and Chairman Dietel paid a special visit to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, they were deeply impressed by Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and its second  affiliated hospital. The friendly and in-depth exchanges between the two sides have laid a good foundation for today's signing. Today's signing means that the tripartite cooperation has entered a new stage. The German-Sino Healthcare Group will fully promote the implementation of the tripartite cooperation project and fully support the international teaching of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and the construction of the new international hospital of the second affiliated hospital.

Sun Qiuhua, party secretary of the university, expressed his gratitude to the German-Sino Healthcare Group and said that the cooperation with the German-Sino Healthcare Group is a new opportunity to promote international education and the international communication of TCM and also a new starting point for the second affiliated hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University to promote the construction of a new international hospital. The university will establish a tripartite cooperation and coordination mechanism in accordance with the objectives set in the cooperation agreement, adhering to the principles of honesty, pragmatism and win-win cooperation, and strive to promote the cooperation to achieve practical results. 

Chen Weijian, party secretary of the second affiliated hospital, expressed his gratitude for the trust and support of the German-Sino Healthcare Group. Under the correct leadership of the university and the overall guidance of the German-Sino Healthcare Group, the second affiliated hospital will seize the opportunity to strengthen top-level planning and design and accelerate the construction of the new hospital in accordance with the target positioning of the new hospital construction. Cai Di, executive vice president of Zhejiang Youcheng Holding Group, said Youcheng will actively support the tripartite cooperation and wish it a smooth success.

The German-Sino Healthcare Group was established in 2006 under the framework of  Chinese-German Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation and under the  guidance of the national development and reform commission of China and the federal ministry of economy and energy of Germany. It is a platform for the implementation of German-Sino cooperation projects in the field of health care and biotechnology, with strong academic and technical support and good operation and cooperation mechanism. Cooperating with the German-Sino Healthcare Group, the university and its affiliated second hospital will further expand the international cooperation platform, enhance the internationalization level and international influence of running the university and  the hospital, and contribute to the promotion of German-Sino friendship and "the Belt and Road Initiatives" construction.