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German-Sino Healthcare Group and representatives of Youcheng attended the 9th German-Sino Economic and Technical Cooperation BBS

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2018/09/30 14:10
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BluCon Biotech GmbH in Germany is the only technology company in the world that has mastered the technology of extracting lactic acid from non-grain fiber materials such as straw, waste paper by special thermophilic anaerobic fermentation. This revolutionary and overturning biotechnology will minimize cost of lactic acid. Zhejiang Youcheng Group has completed the acquisition of this technology and plans to cooperate with Germany to develop it, so that its downstream main application direction - bioplastics (PLA) will obtain stronger commercial competitiveness than traditional petroleum-based plastics. In April 2018, BluCon Biotech GmbH signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Youcheng Group to build a R&D center for Bio-based materials. At present, the R&D center has settled in Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship Innovation Park (Gongshu District).
Sino-German Bio-based R&D Center For Bio-based Materials Application 
Based on the revolutionary lactic acid technology cooperated with BluCon, Youcheng Group has cooperated closely with Professor Ren Jie of Tongji University to continue to develop downstream lactic acid extension technology, focusing on polylactic acid polymerization technology, modification technology, processing application technology and downstream of PLA. The research on the application and development of the products has complete the technical construction of the entire industrial chain of "agricultural waste -- lactic acid -- polylactic acid -- polylactic acid downstream environmental protection products", and occupied the commanding heighs of bio-based new  materials technology.
Germany KTQ International East China Certification Training Center
Koopration for Transprency und Quality in Gesunditswesen (KTQ) is a public welfare public management organization jointly organized by the German Hospital Association, Physician Association, Nursing Association, All German Medical Association, Federal Health Insurance Company, and German Medical Insurance Company. It formulates scientific and rational hospital management systems and standards, and conduct inspection and quality certification of the management systems and standards of various medical institutions. Germany KTQ International Certification Training Center East-China is located in the East China Office of the German-Sino Healthcare Group, specifically engaged in KTQ training and certification in East China, and is currently working closely with Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated Hospital on training and certification cooperation.