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German-Sino Healthcare Group and Zhejiang Xinhua Hosiptal signed a contract to build an international hospital

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2019/09/06 13:38
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On September 2nd, German-Sino Healthcare Group and Zhejiang Xinhua Hospital (The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University) signed a formal cooperation agreement. Based on the standards of high-level experts, high quality medical care and high-quality services”, both sides will introduce well-known German medical institutions and build an international, intelligent, standardized and humanistic hospital combining traditional Chinese and western medicine. Markus Fehr, Vice President of German-Sino Healthcare Group, Cai Di, Executive Vice-President of Zhejiang Youcheng Holding Group Co., Ltd and other guests, Fang Jianqiao, Principal of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and Chen Hua, Director of Medical Administration Department, Chen Weijian, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Xinhua Hospital, Lv Bodong, President of the hospital and members of the leading group attended the signing ceremony. Vice President Markus Fehr and President Lv Bodong signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides. 


(Vice President Markus Fehr and President Lv Bodong signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides)


Vice President Markus Fehr said that German-Sino Healthcare Group had successfully implemented several projects in Hangzhou and expressed high hopes for this collaborative project. Manfred Dietel, President of German-Sino Healthcare Group, considered the hospital a worthy partner. He had reported this project to the board of directors several times and also to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Both departments expressed their support. At present, this project has received strong support from provincial, municipal, Gongshu district governments and other relevant departments. They hope that after signing the contract, both sides can further deepen understanding, step up communication and settle down the affiliated hospital of the university cooperating with German as soon as possible. 


Principal FangJianqiao congratulated both sides on the successful signing of the contract and expressed the schools high attention and high expectations for the project. He pointed out that the cooperation was an important opportunity for Zhejiang Xinhua Hospital to achieve the leapfrog development and curve overtaking. He hoped that the hospital could cherish this chance, overcome obstacles and forge ahead, so as to build the international hospital into a unique hospital with distinctive characteristics of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, which is recognized by the whole Zhejiang Province, serves both internally and externally and has both general and special specialties.