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German-Sino Healthcare Group's five major cooperation projects were unveiled

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2018/09/30 14:12
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Yesterday morning, the opening ceremony of the German-Sino Healthcare Group's cooperation project was held in Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship Innovation Park (Gongshu Park), and then assisted Hangzhou in attracting talents and accelerating the internationalization of talents. Zhang Zhongcan, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and organization minister, attended the unveiling ceremony and unveiled the Sino-German Biomedical Industry Park.
After the establishment of five projects, including Sino-German Biomedical Industry Park, Virchow Laboratory Joint Medical Center, Sino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials, Sino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials Application and Germany KTQ International Certification Training Center, more than 20 core technical personnel from Germany will be introduced, including one academician of the German academy of sciences. In addition, the project of Sino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials has been included in the signing of the 9th Sino-German Economic Cooperation Forum.
In our city,we attach great importance to overseas talent introduction work, Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship Innovation Park is one of the powerful hands. As the first foreign talent innovation and entrepreneurship platform jointly established by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Hangzhou Municipal Government, Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship Innovation Park has been actively exploring supporting measures such as attracting foreign talents and landing services since its construction on July 24 last year. It continues to attract foreign high-level talent projects. In less than a year, it has introduced 27 foreign talent projects, including  Sino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials and Sino-ukraine artificial intelligence industry center, with a total investment of 718 million yuan. And there are another 25 projects under discussion.
Our city has been selected as one of the “Top Ten Most Attractive Cities in the Eyes of Foreign Talents” for eight consecutive years. Up to now, it has introduced 29,000 overseas high-level overseas students, 15,000 foreign talents, and more than 4,980 foreign-registered enterprises in total. Among them, there are 352 foreign natural person registration enterprises.