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Germany's top five high-tech biomedical projects have landed in Gongshu

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2018/09/30 14:14
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On the morning of June 28th, the opening ceremony of the German-Chinese Health Healthcare Group cooperation project was held in Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (Gongshu park). Zhang Zhongcan, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and organization minister, Zhu Jianming, secretary of the district party committee, and Yan Wenjuan, member of the district party committee and organization minister, attended the unveiling ceremony.
At the meeting, the five cooperation projects of the German-Sino Healthcare Group ——Sino-German Biomedical Industry Park, Virchow Laboratory Joint Medical Center, Sino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials, Sino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials Application and Germany KTQ International Certification Training Center East-China Completed the unveiling of the cards. After the five projects are officially launched, more than 20 core technical personnel from Germany will be introduced, including one academician of the German academy of sciences. In addition, the  project of ino-German R&D Center For Bio-based Materials has been included in the signing of the 9th Sino-German Economic Cooperation Forum.
It is reported that the German-Sino Healthcare Group currently has more than 400 members specializing in biotechnology and medical industry in Germany. In November 2017, the East-China Office of the German-Sino Healthcare Group has officially entered the Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (Gongshu park). Next, we will adopt a comprehensive planning and step-by-step implementation method to introduce German pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises in an organized and planned manner, focusing on the introduction of a number of German high-quality innovative enterprises in the fields of biological genetic technology, biopharmaceutical preparations and medical devices. And we will create a German biomedical industry cluster in Gongshu District.
Since the launching ceremony of the Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship Innovation Park last year, Gongshu has seized the opportunity of pilot construction of the park, established the city's first service center of hangzhou international talent entrepreneurship and innovation park, explored and formulated the support policies of "9 rules on external innovation" of gongshu, and accelerated the introduction of international talents and the docking and implementation of projects. Since the beginning of this year, we have successfully held 2018 overseas academician Gongshuxing and entrepreneurial innovation matchmaking meeting, Germany North Rhine-Westphalia Life Health Association project matchmaking meeting, "Chihui Canal" European high-end project remote road show, "2050 Conference · Youthful Ripples Canal" Gongshu Innovative dream journey and other international project docking activities. Up to now, we have introduced a number of foreign talent projects, such as German- Sino Healthcare Group, Life Print Video Printing nd social networking platform, and JieJia Wireless Charging, and communicated with more than 20 international high-end talent projects.At present, we are actively promoting the cooperation of Leiden university (China) Innovation Center, South African Academician Zhejiang Innovation Center and other platform projects, striving to build Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park into a highland of international intelligence gathering.