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KTQ International Training®

The first step: the participating institutions conduct self-evaluation.Participating organizations write KTQ self-assessment report through KTQ software The participating organizations write KTQ quali

Certification process

Step 1: self-assessment of  participating institutions  


·Participating organizations write KTQ self-assessment report through KTQ software

·Participating organizations write KTQ quality reports through KTQ software. The quality report is a simple self-assessment and is available to the public.


Step 2: The beginning of the certification process


·Signing an  agreement: the participating institutions entrust KTQ International to implement the certification process

·The participating organizations submit KTQ self-assessment report and quality report at the time of application.

·KTQ international reviews the application documents of participating institutions

·KTQ International appoints the person in charge of this certification process according to the professional field to which the participating institution belongs, and recommends the reviewers according to the relevant regulations of KTQ®


Step 3: External review of participating institutions


·KTQ Reviewer ® read the reports submitted by the participating institution

·KTQ Reviewer ® visited the participating organization and the review begins. The review includs on-site review, document review, and collaborative  dialogue.

·The review team writes a review report and reports to KTQ International Ltd. on its opinion on whether or not to issue the certificate.


Step 4:End of the certification process


·Participating institutions obtain KTQ international review report

·KTQ International issues the KTQ certificate to the participating institution according to the opinions of the reviewers

·Thequality report submitted by the participating institutions is publicly released.

·The KTQ International Certificate is valid for three years and  the re-certification process begins two and a half years after the previous certification.

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